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Are you looking for more than a job? Are you a collaborator with a strong sense of purpose?  Read on.

The Wisconsin Religious Collaborative (WRC) is seeking a Shared Services Director (SSD). The WRC  is in search of candidates who are deeply committed to collaboration with a strong sense of purpose.  Must be knowledgeable and experienced in the systems and inner workings of religious life. The  primary purpose of this position is to help acquire needed services for the WRC members with specific  identified needs that their Leadership, members, and existing staff are unable to address.  
Candidates must have proven success in recruiting staff and/or researching and negotiating service  contracts that member religious institutes of vowed women need. This assistance will enable religious  institutes to fulfill their mission of caring for members and living the Gospel message through charitable  caring service to others, especially the poor.  

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Our intention is to fill this position by mid-summer of 2023. We strongly encourage you to apply as  soon as possible.